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Why is Fashion Designing a hot Career option even in pandemic times?

“In a machine age, dressmaking is one of the last refuges of the human, the personal, the inimitable.” – Christian Dior 2020 has not been the most positive or motivating year; some people are already planning on ignore this year altogether. However, is it wise to cut off a year like that? With the outbreak of the Novel Corona Virus, the economy of almost every country has gone down the hill. Howbeit, it is going to end and life will come back to its normal course, and one who doesn’t Read more

Change- The One Certain Thing in the Fashion World

It is no news that there are disparate trends on the fashion planet every following hour. One day bell-bottoms are the most-bought store items and the other day the stores are out of high-waisted jeans; a queer place the fashion sphere is. It can be a task keeping up with what you are expected to wear to a fashion show or what it is that you are obligated to show up in at an informal gathering. New fashionable ideas pop up in movies, books, TV shows, music videos and have a colossal impact on what Read more

Fashion Designing: What It Takes and Gives?

A fashioner, or configuration group, will initially deliver representations of pieces of clothing or wrap texture on a dress form to acquire distinctive styles. The imaginative rendering of a piece of clothing is there to make a disposition and is commonly enhanced with exact line illustrations that are known as pads. In the prominent universe of mold structure, the accentuation is progressively put on moving a fantasy as opposed to on portraying the cut and development of articles of clothing. Read more