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Fashion Designing: What It Takes and Gives?

A fashioner, or configuration group, will initially deliver representations of pieces of clothing or wrap texture on a dress form to acquire distinctive styles. The imaginative rendering of a piece of clothing is there to make a disposition and is commonly enhanced with exact line illustrations that are known as pads. In the prominent universe of mold structure, the accentuation is progressively put on moving a fantasy as opposed to on portraying the cut and development of articles of clothing. Read more

How do you Become a Fashion Designer?

Fashion designing is one of the most attractive careers in the world for women today. Thousands of aspiring girls try to turn pro in this field each year. They are driven by starry-eyed dreams of glitz and glamor. However, few realize that it takes a tremendous amount of effort to ‘make it happen’ for themselves in the world of fashion. The first rule for success as a fashion designer is consistent creativity. This means that you need to churn out stunning designs year after year to really Read more

How to become a Fashion Designer in India

Becoming a fashion designer is not everybody’s cup of tea. It takes a lot of hard work and creative talent to pursue a career in fashion designing. Having extensive knowledge of the fashion industry helps a lot in putting technical expertise in effective implementation with the practical exposure in the design industry. Learning the minute intricacies of the fashion designing gives way for great design competencies. A good sense of design and passion towards work facilitates in accomplishing fashion Read more