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14 Tools for Pattern Making and Their Uses

Pattern Making is more than just a hobby. It is serious business which requires technical skills and tools. In order to work more efficiently, you would definitely need a few tools and supplies for pattern making. Without them you cannot work. It is also important to know what these tools and their uses are before you start to work. It will show that you are serious about learning the craft and make you look more professional. Here is a list of fourteen such tools that are used for pattern Read more

Can Dress Designing Courses Give You a Successful Career?

Dress designing is an old profession. It is so old that you can trace the history right back to Indus Valley. Since we became civilized, we have been making dresses not just to protect ourselves from the weather but also to project an image of who we are. In today’s world, dress designing is a massive industry and part of fashion design. If you want to make a career in this industry, you need to have a set of specific skills. For this, you need professional education at a top fashion designing Read more