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Importance of Google Analytics in a Digital Marketing Course

The digitalisation of the whole world has evolved how business takes place. Almost everything happens online now, from banking to buying and selling of products, goods and services. It has become necessary for businesses to shift to the online platforms to survive. Due to this innovation and emergence of the new media, many tools and websites have been created to help companies with digital marketing. Almost every social media site, blog sites, micro-blog sites and websites have an inbuilt Read more

Career Scope in Digital Marketing in 2021

What is Digital Marketing? To explain in simple terms, digital marketing refers to marketing and advertising done through digital channels such as search engines, websites, emails, mobile applications and social media. This online method of marketing is different from the offline one, with different strategies, copies, creatives and much more. Companies and brands use digital marketing to endorse goods, services and even themselves. Digital Marketing has made the process of advertising much Read more

Digital Marketing- A Career on Rise

Who would have thought that an Unconventional Profession (at least till a decade ago) will take over the World like ants on sugar? However, if you haven’t heard of it yet, then you just might wanna come out of the rock you have been living in. Digital Marketing, one of the most in-demand jobs in the current scenario, which, quite literary, has changed all the algorithms of marketing in 2020. Before we dive into the sea of it, let’s see the point of marketing. In every field of profession, Read more

Why Does Digital Marketing Has Become a Top Career Choice in 2019?

With the increasing advancement in digitalization, technology is quickly revolving the living trends of the people. With smartphones, everything is available at your fingertips and enables you to remain connected with the world. As electronic devices and the internet has quickly become an important part of our lives, the need for digital marketing is also being increased. And businesses are using the internet and digital marketing platforms than ever and creating an abundance of career opportunities Read more