Skilling, Up-skilling, and Re-skilling is the need of the hour

Skilling, Up-skilling, and Re-skilling is the need of the hour

“Progress is impossible without change’’ – Walt Disney

Evolution and Change are the two words that define the world and human life, quite perfectly. Irrespective of size, shape, or species, everything needs to be comfortable with change; otherwise, others will take no time to push you out of the race. For example, a caterpillar requires to evolve into a butterfly to secure its survival, a seed needs to mature and grow into a tree for its survival, and a newborn grows into a human for his survival.

To dwell into it more and give you a better outlook about what we are going to be talking about; let’s take the example of RAVAN, not in the religious context but his life and evolution aspect.  Ravan was famous for this intelligence; however, he was not always such a brilliant intellectual. He worked thoroughly, learned everything there was, practiced, and become the best in every field he had chosen. So, the point is, you need to be Ravan of your life.

In this Covid-19, the pandemic phase, employees are losing their jobs left and right but not all of them. You must have heard this, “he, who is capable, has skills and passion will never have to worry about being unemployed.” That’s why; every employee needs to continuously evolve and be flexible to change as there are millions who can do your job. You just have to make sure that no one can do it better than you.

So what is it that you need to adapt and change to stay afloat in the sea of jobs?

The three major points that you need to implement in your lifestyle are-

  1. Skilling
  2. Up-skilling
  3. Re-skilling

These three have become the need of any employee. It must be something necessary for today’s youth as our Prime Minister- Shri Narendra Modi, talked about it in one of his speeches addressing the Nation. But, what do they mean by Skilling, Up-skilling, and Re-skilling?


It is not under the carpet that this world is facing a shortage of skillful people, but have degree holders in abundance. More and more students are opting for a career that has a reputation in society instead of doing something they’re passionate about. And it is no mystery that no one will able to give his 100% and show his full potential into something he is not passionate about.

So, you need to opt for your interest and passion, and then only you will have a scope of improvement and stand-out of masses.

To put it into simpler terms, Skilling is when you learn a skill and make yourself employable because of it. It also means the ability to reshape according to the trend and to stay relevant in your industry.

In this generation, where everything is moving with the speed of the bullet train, staying relevant in your field of job is quite important. But, how do you do that, when in Higher education taught in most of the universities are lagging in the race of change? With their decade-old curriculum, universities are not 100% able to deliver all the knowledge; a student requires being corporate ready.

The bottom line of this is to opt for skill and be best at it.

To understand it further, let’s take an example of Interior Designing. For the same, you need to have exceptional sketching, drawing, and imaginative skills etc.


Once you have developed a skill, the next important step is to keep on evolving and adapting to the new technology. It is the process of continuously improving your existing skills to stay relevant in their field of work.

With the threading example- an Interior Designer used to sketch the outline of the space and everything on a piece of paper. However, the world evolved, and technology took a boost. Now, it is done on CAD software. So, from paper to software, the designer needs to keep on acquiring and learning new skills to stay relevant and make their work more efficient. From that, he will need to learn more about social media and marketing things to stay in business, which wasn’t a concern 5 years ago.

This continuous process of learning and embracing change to do better in a career is known as Up-skilling.


Continuous change directs us towards acquiring new skills to complement our existing skills. Hence, Re-skilling plays a significant role in this entire process. Understand it as if you are sitting on a chair, how you managed to build a chair, is Skilling; how you sat on it, is Up-skilling, and how you will orchestrate to stay on it, is Re-skilling.

You need to stay notified about the trends and progressions taking place and think of how you can use them by implementing it into your work. To do so, you will have to learn that skill. You will be coming out of your shell of Skilling and will be learning an entirely new set of skills that own its own is enough; however, when mixed with Skilling, takes a whole another level.

So the basic mantra is: Skill yourself with Passion, Up-skill with Growth & Learning, and Re-skill with New Development. This is where one need to make a choice to join a good and renowned institute such as IWP where you can get skilled and up-skilled to survive in today’s tough time. Getting Skilled as per the need of the hour will prepare our youth for better present and shall allow them to make their valuable contribution in the society and economy both. There are many educational institutes in our country but then there are few who are providing skill focused courses, IWP is among those few leading educational institutes having a standing of more than 20 years training our youth with the needed skills.

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