Career Option: Secretarial Practices Course in Delhi

With the increase in tertiary sector in India, it has opened a plethora of career opportunities to youngsters. Moreover, the Multinational Companies has contributed significant involvement.  Consequently, the courses like Secretarial Practices are introduced to develop the skill for modern office management. Secretarial Practice Course is for those who willing to serve as secretary, stenographer, typist, computer operator, receptionist, and administrative officer. Almost every company or organization needs at least an employee of these profiles to keep their office in good order.


Employment Overview:

A candidate with a degree in Secretarial Practice can join both public and private agencies. Precisely in MNCs, the jobs are well-paid, and in the public sector, one can get most secure jobs. Additionally, there are good opportunities for the self-employment: students can start his/her own shop for stationery and photocopy or the students can work on contract basis in any organization.


The syllabus for Secretarial practices is based on 70% of theory and rest 30% on practical. The theory curriculum includes the study of modern office equipment, deep comprehension of organizational structure, and descriptive acknowledgment of duties of a private secretary. Moreover, the theoretical part of the course also consists of English language educations. The practical part includes the typing, common computer knowledge and others.

Job Responsibility:

  • To attain calls, messages, and manage appointments
  • Organizing files and making reports
  • Managing travel arrangements
  • Drafting letters, emails and maintaining documents like PowerPoint.
  • Maintain the office supplies and stationeries

The job of Secretary is versatile and it varies from organization to organization. Many organizations need a secretary that should be fluent in typing and stenography. Therefore, the Institutes provide special classes and education for stenography and typing.

Secretarial Practice Course in Delhi:

The secretarial course is the most promising education for better employment. Precisely for the places like Delhi, a secretary can earn a good sum of money and can acquire better employments. International Women Polytechnic is a leading Institute for secretarial Practice course. The Institute provides the finest education and best campus placement. Call us now on +91 9999643344 for any queries related to your career.

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