Interior Designing Trends That Will Rule In 2021

2021 is a very happening year in terms of the dramatic changes taking place in the Interior Designing Industry as a range of dynamic designs will be very popular this year, which includes the following: ● Naturalist Theme (Biophilic Designing) ● Lively-Vibed (Neotenic Designing) ● Industrialist Themed ● Minimalist Themed ● Scandinavian Interior Designing The Interior Designing themes will be heavily centered around the following themes: ● Mental Health- It has been one of Read more

7 Benefits of a Fine Arts Course That You Might Not Know

What is art? How does one define art? Could it be the first rays of sunshine every morning or a painting hung on a wall in your home. Everything you see is a form of art as everything around you has been crafted in such a way that uses various elements of design such as lines, colors and shape. Becoming an artist requires not just a lot of passion and interest but a lot of knowledge about the industry, its history and technical know-hows. Everyone and anyone can do a course in Fine Arts but Read more

Career Scope in Digital Marketing in 2021

What is Digital Marketing? To explain in simple terms, digital marketing refers to marketing and advertising done through digital channels such as search engines, websites, emails, mobile applications and social media. This online method of marketing is different from the offline one, with different strategies, copies, creatives and much more. Companies and brands use digital marketing to endorse goods, services and even themselves. Digital Marketing has made the process of advertising much Read more

What Kind of Degree do you Need for Interior Design?

What is Interior Designing and what is its significance? What is Interior Designing? Interior Designing is one of the rarest and the most sophisticated forms of arts, which impacts the relationship among the man & his environment in the most subtle ways, which we might or might not perceive since our environment influences our mental health, emotional health & physical health in ways that are not perceivable for many people. Interior Designing is often misunderstood with Interior Read more

Take Your Career to a New Height by Pursuing Fine Arts

Fine Arts: Introduction Imagine a painting of, let's say a landscape with mountains, a river, sky, sun, a small hut and trees? It is a beautiful painting that you cannot stop looking at. Have you ever wondered how to make such a painting or ever wished to make one? The painting defined here, like many others, is an example of fine arts. But what is fine arts? Fine Arts is a form of art that is practiced mainly for its aesthetic value rather than its functional value. Developed over a period Read more


WHAT IS STENOGRAPHY? WHAT IS IT’S HISTORY? ‘Stenography’ is a combination of two Greek words: ‘Steno’ (which means narrowed or compressed) & ‘Graphos’ (which means written text or drawing). So, when both are put down together, we get ‘compressed text’, which is the literal meaning of Stenography. Stenography is a symbolic text writing by using symbols & abbreviations, which increases the writing speed, as compared to the normal full-fledged texts, which is more of Read more

Education and Skills Required to Become a Beautician

Who is a Beautician? The makeup industry has grown significantly over the past years. In 2019, the global beauty industry was worth $532 billion . The rise in beauty products and professionals have changed the consumption patterns, boosting the industry further more. In India, the beauty industry is estimated to have a 25% annual growth by 2025. This growth means that the need of beauticians and cosmetologists have increased too. A beautician is a person who has expertise in the field of cosmetology, Read more

10 Make-up Trends for 2021 That You Need to Copy ASAP

Makeup trends this year will see a major change ever since we went into the lockdown. Due to the fact that we have to wear face masks, these trends have been tweaked under the circumstances. Eyes are being given more importance considering that they are the only visible part of the face. Bold, expressive eye makeup with the use of different joyful colors and glitter has made all the beauty and makeup enthusiasts create impressive looks. Natural looks, stained lips, easy and fast make-up will be Read more

Who is Eligible for a fashion design course and who should do it?

What is Fashion design? Fashion designing is an art dedicated to the creation of clothing, footwear and accessories. It encompasses various elements of clothing such as color, fabric, style, patterns and trends. Every print or design you see on a dress, top, shoe or a bag has been made carefully and thoughtfully according to the demand and the ongoing trend. Fashion and clothing have evolved over the years and has gone beyond stitching of clothes. With the advent of technology, fashion designing Read more

How to Become A Fashion Designer After 12th In 2021

INTRODUCTION TO FASHION INDUSTRY Fashion Industry is an industry where the art of applying fashion design, aesthetics, clothing construction and natural beauty to clothing and its accessories is brought into use. Fashion Industry is one of the most influential industries in the modern day world, which offers employment to millions of people with different skill sets and job profiles who are contributing to the fashion industry in their own way, be it Product Conception, be it Product Development, Read more