How To Design and Decorate Your Home According To Vaastu Shastra?

How To Design and Decorate Your Home According To Vaastu Shastra

Did you know Vaastu is changing the lives of millions these days? Now you can plan and implement your home interior decorations according to Vaastu Shastra to boost peace and positive energy in your home.

Vaastu Shastra is an ancient system that provides all the tools and guidelines for building and constructing architectural structurals to correct the flow of energy into and through your space. With a good understanding of Vaastu, you can make necessary arrangements of rooms and place the furnishing accordingly to create a pathway for good energies in your home.

Vaastu is a science that connects energy and matter, and carefully takes into account the impact of natural forces that affect your health, thoughts, emotion and overall space of your home. By making small alterations in your home interior design, you can create a positive happy place for your living.

Let’s understand what Vaastu Shastra tips you should keep in mind while designing or remodeling your home:

Think About the Position of Front or Back Door

According to Vaastu Shastra, the simple principle for doors is to never keep both doors on the same lane. While the positive energies entering your home from the front door will escape from the back door without affecting and filling your home with the positive vibes.

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Know The Right Position Of Your Bed

It is important to place your bed in the right position to ensure mental peace and health. Placing water bodies including fountains or fish-aquariums in a bedroom is against the Vaastu Shastra rules. The beds should be positioned towards the south-west and its head is directed to the south. Keep in mind there is no mirrors are placed opposite a bed.

Understand the Vibes of Different Colors

Every color has its appeal and vibes. This significantly affects how you feel in a room or house. You can choose the color according to its characteristics to create the right ambiance in your home.

Green: It is considered as a very restful color that combines all the energizing quality and creating a calming place for people who are in trouble or need refreshment.

Red: A super energizing color that can create a powerful, inspiring and encouraging feel in the room. But at the same time, it can be overpowering, exhausting or stressful for those who are anxious.

Orange: Encourage happiness, joyful, social gatherings and a balanced feel in your home.

White: Makes an illusion of larger spaces and creates a peaceful and positive vibe in your room.

How Can You Adjust the Home Design With Vaastu Shastra?

This is the main challenge for interior designers to blend the spaces into perfect designed adhere to Vaastu principles. If you are not understanding that which direction you should choose to construct a Vaastu friendly home, then get yourself enrolled in a professional interior designing course. You will learn everything from choosing the right location to appealing home designs to the implementation of Vaastu rules to final touchups of the designs.

Where to Get Admission in Interior Designing Course?

Several institutions and colleges provide you an interior designing course for students from all educational backgrounds. If you are serious about making a career in the booming industry of interior designing, then enroll yourself after completing class 12th. From certification, the diploma to a degree course, you can choose any one as per your convenience. However, for comprehensive studies, it would be recommended to consider a degree in interior designing for better career growth.

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