How to Become a Stalwart Fashion Designer amidst Cut Throat Competition

How to Become a Stalwart Fashion Designer amidst Cut Throat Competition

There is a big conundrum in the mind of students who wish for a rewarding career in fashion designing – To be or not to be! Well interestingly this thought may appear legitimate on the first sighting, especially since the industry is flooded with experienced designers from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) and National Institute of Design (NID). Making a niche place for yourself in a burgeoning and competitive fashion market after completing your course, becomes somewhat dicey.  Fashion designers are not easy to reckon, and if you have dreamed of becoming a stalwart designer altogether, you need to pick up certain cue points. Here are a few quick tips, which will help you in taking a quick jump start in the fashion industry:


Maintain a Perfect and Versatile Design Portfolio – Perfect means perfect, and not near perfect. Guess the way celebrity models groom themselves and maintain their charm. You have to do exactly the same with your portfolio. Your prospective employers and mass audience in general will make the judgment based on what you present them in actuality. Above all, your capabilities as a budding fashion designer will be highlighted in your design portfolio. Being in a professional fashion designing training institute forces you to leave the comfort zone, and start working hard to realize your dream.


Develop the Sense of Fashion and Grab the Changes – Dressing yourself or seeing others dressed are two different perspectives. It is significant to understand why and how people dress? The scenario in global fashion industry is quite different. You need to look into the ethnic aspects as well. Indian women love to dress in a Sari or Kurti on formal occasions.  Japanese women adorn kimonos, while Chinese drape themselves in cheongsams. Understand the fashion psychology. At times, you may even be loomed by the fun of designing for haute couture. Whatever you intend, the first step towards rewarding career in fashion designing goes out to knowing your customer and the market.

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Follow the Industry and Be Unique – Every successful and established fashion designer out there has his or her brand USP. You need to watch it closely. In case you find the chance of meeting any one of them, do not miss that chance as this can be the turning point in your career. And again, you have to be sure that in the process of following established fashion designers; you do not forget your uniqueness. Remember, a unique fashion designer quickly establishes himself or herself as a stalwart even in a competitive market.


Find the Mentor – Every successful individual has a mentor behind him or her. Why not you?  Good mentors are hard to come your way. Probably, you have to hunt for him. If you are lucky, you may find a mentor right in your neighborhood, or maybe he turns out to be your buyer.  In the end, it is luck by chance situation, before your hunt reaps any results, and you hit the jackpot.

Ward off the dilemma, and plan accordingly. Do not create flamboyance in your mind about the fashion designing industry. No matter what you have heard or seen, it is very important to make an informed decision. And remember, the decision you make now will frame your career in the future.

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