Hospitality Management

1. How can Hospitality Management build my career?

India is world-famous for providing an excellent hospitality to the guests. Due to its cultural and geographical diversities, thousands of foreign tourists keep visiting here. This has resulted in providing excellent opportunities to the young aspirants in taking up Hospitality Management as a career. The industry is growing rapidly in India in the following aspects:

  • Resort Management: Since the number of resorts are increasing tremendously, there is immense demand of manpower in it. The jobs are managerial in nature. The salary package is also very lucrative.
  • Gaming Industry: This has been the latest addition in the recent times. This provides numerous roles to those who have been trained in tourism and hospitality. These range from a dealer to a slot machine attendant, a pit boss to an operation manager and so on.
  • Cruise Line: A Cruise Line is a large ship which is operated by a company on oceans or rivers. It provides an exciting career. Some of the prominent examples of Cruise Lines are Star Cruises, Carnival Corporation, Celebrity Cruises etc.
  • Wedding Coordinator: He is the one who arranges everything in a wedding. One must possess managerial skills, basic market knowledge and a good artistic sense. The salary offered to a wedding coordinator is pretty attractive.

2. What is the difference between Hotel and Hospitality Management?

Being a hospitality management aspirant, one must be aware of the difference between hotel management and hospitality management, which has been been provided below:

Hotel Management is concerned with managing all the aspects relating to operating a hotel, right from the arrival of a guest to checking out. There are basically four activities which are concerned with hotel management viz. front desk operations, food & beverage, housekeeping management, food production and so on. Hospitality Management, on the other hand, also refers to taking care of a guest to anywhere including a hotel such as home, club, office, country etc. and is a much broader term than Hotel Management in terms of managing the service standards.

We offer Hospitality Management course which has been accredited with Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY). The duration of Diploma in Hospitality Management Course in our institution is 18 months, comprising 12 months’ study and 6 months’ internship. The eligibility for the course is 10+2. After completing the hospitality management course, one can get a large number of career opportunities such as Hotel Manager, Concierge, Food Service Manager, Hospitality Business Development Executive, Aviation Hospitality etc. Besides, the hospitality management course offered by us aims to acquaint an aspirant with all aspects of hospitality management such as resort management, revenue planning, hotel classification, front office management, guest services etc.

3: What are the key areas of occupation(s), once I finish the course?

Once you have completed your Hospitality Management course, there would be numerous employment opportunities for you. After finishing the course, you can join various service sectors such as you may become an event manager or join hotel and conference management or become a manager in business development . The job options would be many such as you can work as an accommodation manager, catering manager, chef, event manager, fast food restaurant manager, hotel manager, Public house manager, Restaurant manager etc. Besides, there are also some job opportunities in which your diploma program would provide you an added advantage, viz. Customer service manager, human resource officer, retail manager and tour manager. It must be noted here that you may get job in other categories also depending upon requirements of employer(s). So, it is quite possible that you may get jobs other than the ones which have been mentioned here.

Another important thing in this regard is work experience. There are numerous hospitality courses which provide a direct industry placement. This is where you can put your academic knowledge into practice. After completing the course, we are in collaboration with some of the hotels for the placement so as to enable you to get a platform to start your career with the hotels you had done your internship with.

4: What are the possible training modules or syllabus and how it will benefit me during the course?

The following are the possible activities during the Hospitality Management Course and how it would be beneficial to the students:

  • Specified Syllabus: Having proper knowledge of their specified syllabus is a must for students as this will enable them to understand their profession in-depth and get good scores in their exams.
  • Practical training in classes: It helps them to get the practical knowledge of their profession. Besides, the classroom environment provides a direct link between the teacher and students so as to resolve any doubt or confusion.
  • Personality Development and Soft Skills Training: Having a pleasing personality and the required soft skills (to help you interact with others effectively and efficiently) are very important. Providing personality development and soft skills training helps you to get polished and harness their skills.
  • Mock Training: These are also very useful in making you familiar with the hotel environment. The students are given training in a stimulating way so as to make them feel to be in a hotel. These sessions help in preparing them to handle job-related tasks.
  • Monthly Industrial Visits in Hotels: We believe the students should get themselves acquainted with the real working equipment, machinery, and operational methodology. Thus, monthly industrial visits to the hotels play a crucial role in making them familiar with these.

5: What is the difference between 3-year degree and 1-year diploma Course?

Degree in Hotel Management is a graduation course with a 3 to 4-year duration. The program helps the students attain specialty in conference and trade show planning, casino management, food and beverage operations, lodging and facilities management and entrepreneurship. On the other hand, Diploma in Hospitality Management is an eighteen-month course (12-month study and 6-month internship).

Even though it is a short-term course, it makes you familiar with all the aspects of hospitality management. To apply for this course, one needs to be 10+2. It provides you, numerous career opportunities. You can become Hotel Managers, Food Service Manager, Hospitality Business Development Executive, Resort Management, Revenue Planning, Front Office Management, Guest Services. Therefore, if you want to make a career in Hospitality within a short period, say, just one and a half years, then, you should opt for Hospitality Management course offered by the IWP.

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