Why is Fashion Designing a hot Career option even in pandemic times?

“In a machine age, dressmaking is one of the last refuges of the human, the personal, the inimitable.”

– Christian Dior

2020 has not been the most positive or motivating year; some people are already planning on ignore this year altogether. However, is it wise to cut off a year like that?

With the outbreak of the Novel Corona Virus, the economy of almost every country has gone down the hill. Howbeit, it is going to end and life will come back to its normal course, and one who doesn’t acknowledge this fact, will be the one, this world will leave behind and not 2020.

So it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that- recessions or pandemics, Fashion Industry always manages to stay afloat.

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Fashion designers, with extreme knowledge and power of implementation of Design Thinking, have always proved the quote-‘where there is a will, there is a way’, right. Everyone needs clothes on this planet no matter what the situation is, making sure that the Fashion Designers are never out of jobs. Even in these pandemic times, thanks to the Design professionals, we have seen the evolution of masks and body covers.

History is a proof, Fashion Industry advances in critical times because it is flexible, always goes with the flow, and is not afraid of change.

Correspondingly, if you are passionate about drawing, not scared of the change, have a creative mind, then, no profession will give you such joy and happiness, plus it will also keep your pockets full. All you need is, to be good at what you do.

Do you know, Fashion Designers are one of the highest-paid professionals? With nothing to limit you, here, you have an opportunity to run in all directions and discover the undiscovered land. You have it on your finger-tips; you can draw and design, whatever comes in your mind.

Designing is like magic; with a needle, thread, and cloth, you create something which no one has imagined.  From footwear to handbags, you may design on anything. But one is clear, nothing comes to you served, you have to grind, day and night, and be the best one in your competition. Indeed, you won’t just turn out to like Sabyasachi or Manish Malhotra, in a year.

Every dream will come to life with consistency and dedication, which is when mixed with hard work and excellent communication skills, will drive your career at full speed. Unlike a movie, you won’t wake up one day, and suddenly your reality shifts from a normal teenager to a princess of some Xyz Nation.

However, one thing which makes or breaks your chances of surviving in the fashion industry is that piece of Degree or certificate and the skills you learn and work upon to upgrade yourself. It will not only make you shine from the rest of the coal but will also make sure that you are groomed and knowledgeable enough to make your name.

They not only teach you techniques but also make you industry-ready. Through colleges like, NIFT- National Institute of Fashion Technology, which is the best in its field, in India, there are other good colleges and institutes also in the country where you will learn to design, think, improve, and how to make connections. Such institutes provide you the opportunity to interact with already established Designers, help you participate in various fashion weeks, and showcase your potential.

Once you get the gist of the industry, it is as glamorous as it seems on our TV screens. With your creative mind-set and never get-up and go attitude, there is no hurdle that you cannot overcome. Just start small and build your empire from there, keep changing, evolving, and most importantly, keep learning.

All you need is talent, eye for aesthetics, and proper training, to take your first step. Fashion Designing teaches you a lot of things, like how to think like no one already has, and brainstorming on ways to find new paths. And like always, once this pandemic time is over, you will thank yourself for making a decision which will make you fall in love with work.

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