Digital Marketing- A Career on Rise

Digital Marketing

Who would have thought that an Unconventional Profession (at least till a decade ago) will take over the World like ants on sugar? However, if you haven’t heard of it yet, then you just might wanna come out of the rock you have been living in.

Digital Marketing, one of the most in-demand jobs in the current scenario, which, quite literary, has changed all the algorithms of marketing in 2020.

Before we dive into the sea of it, let’s see the point of marketing. In every field of profession, whether you are an employee or an employer, the major-point, and the bottom line of every business is to get sales. There is no point in developing, inventing, and advancing is you are unable to sell your product, right? Hence, businesses majorly depend on its marketing team to boost their sales up, another reason why every small or big companies invest a large chunk of their profits into marketing and promotions. Why do you think these celebrities do promotions of their movies everywhere, and you see advertisements for sanitizers so frequently?

In the reign of Corona Virus 2020, most, if not all, offline marketing techniques closed, and the economy took a huge hit. However, not all was lost. We may say that it is a blessing in disguise, but this Pandemic phase gave rise to the constantly-increasing-in-demand profession, Digital Marketing. It does not mean that it wasn’t there earlier; it means it got highlighted in these times.

Digital Marketing, as the name is self-explanatory, is online marketing. It is done through various online platforms and has numerous components to implement. You must have noted that when you do any Google search for some articles pop up related to your search. Also, afterward, you might start getting advertisements related to your search on every other platform owned by Google; this is what Digital Marketing is.

Digital Marketing came like a lifeguard for so many companies in this Pandemic phase and helped them to survive to see another day.

 Why is it in demand? Well, the cross-question would be more appropriate, why should it not?

  • With slight to no exception, everyone is on their phones, especially in this Lockdown times. Developing advertisements on Social Media are more practical. Why doing so, your company will able to reach the targeted audience, generate leads and turn them into sales.
  • It won’t break the bank as running ads on Social media are quite efficient once they have matured. It will give you leads and much better results than you would have got from offline marketing. This cost-effectiveness of Digital Marketing is one of the main reasons why small organizations do it.
  • It also offers balance opportunities and scope for every field, that’s why it is so popular among all kinds of businesses.
  • It will help your company in the long term as everything that goes on the internet stays there.

To do all these-

  • to run advertisements,
  • set a targeted audience, do tests on them & keep on switching, and testing until getting the desired result,
  • plan and strategies what content should go on the internet and when & what all keywords should the content have to have more visibility, etc;

Every Organization needs an expert to handle all these tasks; that is where a Digital Marketer comes in like a Hero in a movie scene.

And what is impossible when you have a will to learn and skills to support your passion? To become a Digital Marketer, you don’t have to have any particular degree as such; however, a degree in Marketing, copywriting, design, and website development might give you an edge over others. There is no degree in Digital Marketing, only certification courses. It is advisable to get certified and recognized as a professional in this field.

After this, start building up your own Social media profiles, portfolios, creating original content, and importantly, focus on increasing the number of your followers. It will give an employer an overlook of your work and will speak volumes on your behalf. It will do the job for you as it will help employers to get in touch with you through your work.

Career Prospects:

You may opt for any of these and become an expert in it;

  1. Search Engine Expert
  2. Content Marketer
  3. Social Media Marketer
  4. Content Manager
  5. Email Marketer
  6. Pay- per-click Expert

Since you are a Luxury for any company to have, there is no fixed salary for you. Your work and skills will decide how much you may ask or take, and being the expert that you will be- the company would agree on it as there is so much competition for a good-skilled Digital Marketer in the market.

IWP is a leading educational institute offering certificate course in Digital Marketing field. Doing a course from an established institute is always a privilege. You can visit IWP online on  Choosing this career won’t only assure you a settled future but also a secured one. As with the development of the company, you will be growing individuals as well, that will be like a guarantee card that you won’t go out of work, like ever.

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