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6 Important Cosmetology Interview Tips to Keep in Mind

Cosmetology Interview Tips to Keep in Mind

Giving interviews is also a skill that only a few possess. It is one of the major steps towards your career. How an interview goes, can make or break your professional life. Sometimes the process of applying for a job can be hectic. There are many things to do. Many forms to fill.

The interview part should never be overlooked. It is when you meet someone from the company and have direct contact with them. The way you present yourself /and your work is important to keep in mind.

Being prepared for an interview is not as tough as it seems. You just have to be confident and positive and the rest will follow. If you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything.

For people who are into cosmetics and beauty and want to make a career out of it, read this blog to learn about interview tips, questions and answers which can help you get hired for your dream job.

What is Cosmetology?
what is cosmetology

The study and application of beauty treatment which includes many branches like skincare, hairstyling, cosmetics, manicure and pedicure. It consists of a wide range of beauty treatments and specialisations.

A cosmetologist is a person who has the expertise in the field. They provide beauty services such as makeup, skincare, hairstyle, hair grooming, skincare specialists, nail technician and much more.

The cosmetic and beauty industry has grown significantly in India. It is one of the fastest growing consumer products sector in India. This growth has led many foreign companies open shop in India which means a higher rate of jobs in the industry.

In 2017, the value of the Indian cosmetics market was estimated to be nearly $11.16 billion and is expected to grow at 5.91 per cent during 2017-25.The rise in beauty products and professionals have changed the consumption patterns, boosting the industry furthermore.

Due to this reason, the scope of a career in Cosmetology has skyrocketed. Many people take courses and get licensed to work as a professional Cosmetologist, Beautician, Makeup Artist and more.

Scope and Career Opportunities in Cosmetology

Having a career in Cosmetology looks promising considering the data. Since the growth of the industry, a huge number of jobs are available and people with a degree or a diploma and skills are required.

Even though people specialise under a specific branch of cosmetology, they also perform other functions and beauty practices. The job prospect in this field looks promising and has created many job opportunities such as:

  1. Cosmetologist
  2. Beauty Therapists
  3. Beauty Journalist
  4. Makeup Artist
  5. Beauty Faculty
  6. Beauty Advisor
  7. Salon Manager
  8. Hair Faculty
  9. Beauty Writer
  10. Beauty Product Developer
  11. Self Employed

Interview Tips for Cosmetology

Cosmetology Interview Tips

1. Research about the company or salon

It’s important to know about the company you are applying to work at. Gather information about your workplace. Read about their customer base, go through their websites and socials if they have one, learn about the services they provide and their strategies.

Also read about their vision, reviews both good and bad. This will help you to be prepared about questions the interviewer might ask and look serious.

2. Be punctual

Time management is a vital skill to have when it comes to cosmetology. How you divide your time according to the priorities is a parameter which defines what kind of a person you are professionally and personally.

Being punctual to the interview shows that you care about time. It is also recommended to show up at least 10 minutes before the time given.

3. Stay positive

Being positive doesn’t mean you are always happy. It means that you make the best out of every situation. Having a positive attitude and being optimistic can help you in ways that you might not know.

Everyone likes to have positive energy around themselves. It also shows determination and ambition to grow and bring in new ideas to the company.

4. Talk about your skills

Your portfolio or resume might contain all the necessary details, work experiences and skills you have. However, sometimes an interviewer might miss out on an important skill. You should mention them even if they don’t miss out.

The skills you have is the most important reason for getting hired. Talk about as many as you have and highlight those which you think is the most suitable for that particular position.

5. Presentation matters

How you present yourself matters. This includes both from inside and outside. The way you dress, your appearance, the first impression you make and communication skills are all part of how you present yourself.

Your dress, hair, makeup and nails matter too especially because you are applying for a job that requires you to  have specialisation in that. The interviewer is likely to evaluate you on the basis of how well groomed you are.

6. Speak Out

Make sure you ask questions too. There will be some points which will be missed out by the interview so you have to be certain that you speak out. Mention the thing that is missed out. Don’t be afraid to sound rude, you are there to answer and ask as well.

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Cosmetology Interview Questions & Answers

Cosmetology Interview question & answers

1. Why do you want to become a makeup artist?

Tell them about the reason why you want to become a makeup artist or whatever position you have applied for. Talk about why you are passionate about it and why it interests you. Mention things like what you want to become, where you see yourself in a few years and who is your role model.

2. Do you consider yourself a team player?

Being a team player, especially in this industry is a strength which doesn’t go unnoticed. The company, salon or brand can never work without the whole group. It is important to have the harmony between all the workers.

If  you are a team player, tell them that but don’t ever lie if you are not. If you think you don’t work too well in a team, tell them that you are there to learn and grow and this could be an opportunity to change that.

3. Why do you want to work for us? or Why do you want this job?

The company would want to know why you want to work with them and what made you apply there. Mention what you like about that company, be it their customer service, the product or the employees.

Even if you think something can change, mention that. Everyone appreciates constructive criticism. Talk about the similarity between their collective goal and your individual goal.

4. Why should we hire you?

Tell them your strengths, what different ideas you can bring to table, what things you can improve and why you are a good fit.

5. What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

The person who knows themselves is more sure about what they want to become. Tell your strengths and weaknesses by introspecting and also mention ways to change your weakness if your strengths.

6. What are your goals for the future?

State your goals about the future, what you want to be eventually and how you are planning to grow. If you have a plan, be it of a few months, a year and even more than that, tell that.

For example, if you are a makeup artist, say that eventually you see yourself owning your salon which has many branches all over the city.

7. Have you worked before? If you did, why did you leave?

Tell about the previous work experience, be blunt but not disrespectful. Tell them about the work you did before, the position you were in and what the reasons for you leaving even if they are negative.

8. Describe yourself

Talk about yourself in brief. Mention your likes, dislikes, interests and more outside of the cosmetology industry. Tell them what kind of a person you are. For example, say that you are a happy go lucky person who is optimistic towards life.

9. What are your interests outside of cosmetology?

Your hobbies and interests outside of cosmetology can also tell what kind of a person you are. Tell the interviewer about your interests if they are cooking, reading, cleaning, watching movies or listening to songs.

10. How do you handle conflict amongst coworkers?

Conflict at the workspace is inevitable. How you deal with it is really important. When asked this question, say that you will hear all the sides and try to find a compromise between all the persons in the conflict.

11. How do you decide priorities when scheduling time?

Prioritising time when working in this field is a vital factor. Break down all your duties and think about how much time each will take. Then see which has to be done immediately and which can wait.

12. Why do you want to work at a salon?

Working at a salon is completely different from working at a company or individually. The atmosphere of the salon is different too. Say things like, you appreciate the atmosphere, you like to meet new people and get new clients, you are a good communicator and can work in a team.

13. If a client asks for a hairstyle that won’t look good on them, how will you tell them this?

Say that you will not tell them this but instead give them a suggestion. You will talk to them and explain why what they want might not look good and what you have in mind might look better. You will make sure to say this in the most utmost respectful manner and if they don’t budge, you will do what they want.

14. How will you handle a client who is not satisfied with the result?

Tell them that you will firstly apologise and won’t put the blame on anyone, even if you were not at mistake personally. You are representing the brand and one person’s mistake is the whole company’s problem.

If you can rectify the mistake you will do that, make the manager talk and consider the clients complaint as a way to grow. You will make sure that the client leaves with a sincerest form of apology.

Questions You Should Ask

1. What are the working days and holidays?

It is important to know how many working days there are in one week, when you get off, the timings and holidays.

2. What is the dress code?

Dress code is important, ask them about it whether there is a uniform or a formal wear or casuals.

3. How does a typical day go?

Know about the day to day happening of the company so that you know you will be suitable for it.

4. Who are your co-workers?

Ask about the co-worker because you will be working with them. You will be spending a lot of your time and it is important to know them.

5. If you ever choose to leave the company, what is the resignation process?

If you ever decide to leave the company, it is better to know the resignation process beforehand as it can be hectic.


1. What is the difference between a cosmetologist and an aesthetician?

A cosmetologist primarily works with hair, nails and cosmetics and an aesthetician performs skincare treatments such as waxing.

2. What are the skills required to be a cosmetologist?

A few skills that are required are: time management, knowledge about new trends, precision and hand-eye coordination. 

3. What is the eligibility criteria to pursue a cosmetology course?

Some institutes require you to have a high school diploma, i.e. passing grade 12, while some require that along with taking an entrance exam.


Ultimately it all depends on you. The way you present yourself, your ethics, professionalism makes who you are. If you ace the interview, then only you can proceed to the next step. Being a competitive and a creative field, there are millions like you who would try to get to the same position as you. What matters is how you are different from them.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should worry about getting a job. Though it is a stressful process, it is important to keep calm and do your best. Keep in mind that you should never lie and never add fake skills or experiences in your resume. These tips can only help you as long as you believe in yourself.


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