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How To Prepare For An Interview For Freshers

Top Interview Tips for Freshers and Common Interview Questions & Answers for Freshers Interviews play a crucial role in the process of recruitment of an employee by the organization that is hiring. In most companies, the Recruitment process is initially handled by the Human Resources Department in its initial stage. It fast tracks the process of familiarisation of the employee and the employers by bringing the employers and the employees together under the same roof. Interview Questions Read more

Tips for Students during Exam Time

Examination is obviously the worst nightmare for the students, but it can be tussle smoothly if we confront it through well-planned strategies. Since there are volumes of articles have been authored concerning this matter and each one them have their own strategies however it is all up to you to comprehend their strategies and make use of them. I have compiled few essential tips which can remarkably boost your performance. Analyze your syllabus The first step towards an approach is the proper comprehension Read more

5 Effective Classroom Management Tips for Teachers

A teacher is not a butcher; neither a military general; instead a teacher should be resembles saint or monk. They have to capable enough to inspire students for ethical mind set. But teaching is not an easy job precisely when you are dealing with little ones. Therefore, considering all the difficulties and issues, we bring together five effective techniques to maintain healthy environment in your classroom. Communicate: Call and response is most effective technique to engage students in your Read more

How to increase concentration while studying for exams

It is easy to be among the toppers, anyone can, with extraordinary concentration. Beside the dedication and hardworking, you need concentration if you want to achieve something with your study. Concentration is among the most difficult effort for the contemporary students, as most of us are tempted with smart phones and social networking sites. In order to strengthen the concentration, one must avail the conventional method of meditation and yoga. I have enlisted effective remedies to increase Read more

IWP Hostel Janakpuri

Leaving your home is always been painful but still we do- since nothing is as vital as our dreams. Being in new town is not entirely amusing precisely when you are residing in cities like Delhi; seeing as our newspapers are filled with numerous crime stories which harshly question on our safety and if you are a girl or women then you need to even more cautious. Indisputably, the security and safety is the major issue for the people living in major cities. The prior concern for any girl in strange Read more

Best Women’s Training College in India

International Women Polytechnic (IWP) is regarded as one of the Best Women’s Training Colleges in India. Unleashing the talent and creativity of the students, IWP has facilitated in providing guaranteed job assistance par excellence and professionalism. Read - Stenography Institute in India IWP is dedicated towards empowering women through our vocational courses. Being in the education industry since 1998, disseminating quality information to students in order to gain expertise and practical Read more