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What Prospects Stenography Course Holds in Building Your Career

India is the fastest growing economy in the world offering a wide range of job opportunities to the professionals, who have skills in either one or more than one trade.  Typing and stenography as a skilled trade, has always been in demand. These trades provided a majority of job opportunities to undergraduates as well as postgraduates from various streams. Why Join Stenography Institute in India Stenography is the world’s popular and superior methods known to mankind in the process of recording Read more

Stenographer as a Career in India

Living in an uncertain world, you need to develop your own career as a stenographer to control your overall income, work environment and working hours. If you are said to be in India, then working as a stenographer shall pay you well and provide the best work environment that can let you learn many new things in your daily life. The training period that one needs to go through to become a stenographer can depend upon one’s learning capacity. The job of a stenographer is to transcribe the speech Read more

Stenography as a career after 12TH

Results are out and everyone is moving towards higher education. There are a lot of options to choose career from and everyone is talking about this course and that. The main focus on choosing a vocation or training is to get job after its completion. So where to go and how to decide? In India we choose a career path mainly because our parents want us to select some specific course or because of our friends. “My friends are doing Fashion Designing so I will also opt for that” can be commonly Read more

How to Write Shorthand Faster

What is shorthand Time is of essence. This phase is best described by shorthand writing. It is an abbreviated form of writing method which saves time as compared to common method of writing a language. It is considered as an essential part of secretarial training, police work or journalism.  So if you are interested in any of the careers mentioned above shorthand course would be essential for you.  In this age of corporate world we need the right edge to thrive and grow within the competition. Read more

Stenography Institute in India

Stenography is one of those renowned courses which have been recognized worldwide as a symbolic form of writing known to only a few. Talking about the changing career perspectives, students are now shifting to a more integrative form of learning which will help shape their career graph to a great extent and give them clear edge over others. Many Stenography Institutes in India have been set up to provide pragmatic training to excel in shorthand and make a successful career in stenography. Stenography Read more