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Top 7 Reasons to Join an Interior Designing Course in 2019

Interior designing is easily one of the most popular courses for ambitious young women in India. Every year, thousands and thousands of girls start pursuing interior designing courses all over the country. But not all of them are going to have successful careers like we see in the movies or read about in professional magazines when a celebrity interior designer is interviewed. What is the difference between one interior designing course and another? Can joining the right course really impact your Read more

Top 10 Interior Designing Institutes in India

Interior Designing relates to the art and science of transforming a scratch into a wonder item exclusively with the use of mind, hands, and intellectual skills. Making a building into a must place to visit is the artwork of an interior designer. These people are known for maintaining a pleasing environment throughout with their amazing work along with a proper plan, research, coordination, and management. The profession of interior designing is regarded as a multifaceted one! Amidst it, an interior Read more

What Career Opportunities Can You Get from Doing Interior Designing?

Interior designing is a hot field of study for women not just in India but also all over the world. It has given countless women great careers and has helped them develop into globetrotting powerhouses with an immense influence over the industry worldwide. What Is the Scope for Interior Designing in India? In India, the scope for interior designing is growing by leaps and bounds. As we have entered the 21st century, our desire to have world-class homes with superb styles have also increased. Read more

How To Stay Professional In Interior Designing

Interior Designing is itself a field that requires a lot of attention and divertissement in order to keep above the waters of changing time and trends. The level of prepossessing an interior designer builds for someone is equally unprepossessing to themselves. One has to go through high streaks and intense creativity to have a sense that truly matters. For a market that is always in sync with new changes enrapturing the hearts and minds of people, Interior Designing needs your professionalism and Read more

Scope of Interior Design in India

Are you looking for Interior Designing course in India or want to start your own interior designing business and if you are unsure and want to take a call, here’s the post worth reading. As a designer, you must create decorative layouts for homes, office complexes, medical facilities, restaurants, stores, places of worship, airports and hotels. International Women Polytechnic offers Interior designing Course. As by its name Interior Designing is a good career option for those creative students Read more

Interior Design Ideas for Small Kitchen

Interior design is an art and science to enhance the interiors of any space. An interior designer is a planner who research, coordinate, and manage the projects. It is a versatile profession to create the layout of any space. The deep knowledge of colors is essential to interior designer. Bigger place is not always better than smaller one, mainly, in the case of kitchens. Small kitchens are more efficient work spaces than the large ones. Some of the good ideas for small kitchen will keep your Read more

Top ways to design small living room more beautifully

Everyone wants to have a beautiful home with small living room but excellent interior designing. Living room is a place where one can relax or feel free to do anything, like relaxing, playing video games, music and entertainment.  It should be neat and clean with soft fragrance and very well decorated. Let the natural light come in from the window with full length curtains, mirrors, furniture, lamps, and small showpieces or decorative items. So let’s have a look on some useful interior design Read more

Interior design ideas for small house

When you spend a significant amount of money on your house, you want every inch and every corner to speak your passion. Interior is another big concern after the construction of your house. Here are few tips for the interior designing that makes your home simply as the way you want. Proper Color schemes Most of the people make mistakes when choosing colors for the walls. It is recommended to decide the color at last. Color schemes play important role in shaping overall designing. The Read more

Top Five Interior Designers of All Time

It is widely agreed that interior designing is not just an art of creating aesthetic and beautiful surroundings, but it is also a science of making our daily life comfortable and luxurious. The objective is always to convert the dream into reality. The designer has to be creative and conservative at the same time. They have to design a house in a good taste, though the taste itself varies with the people: which rather drop another responsibility on the designers’ shoulder – to come with a Read more

8 tips for becoming a successful Interior Designer

Interior Designing has become one of the most sought after careers of the twenty-first century in India. With increased modernization and global development, standard of living has improved and more and more Indians are investing in their living spaces. These generation people are knowledgeable and want their personality or attitude or money to reflect in the space they are living. Major concentration of Interior Designing work is in big metropolitans of India namely Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Read more