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What Do You Need To Know Before Enrolling Yourself In Fine Arts Degree Course?

Have you just passed out your class 12th and looking for the degree course that can enhance your creative skills? Bachelor of Fine Arts can be your top choice as it not only opens up broad career choices for you but also offers you a very engaging curriculum throughout the degree course. You must be in doubt that what is this course all about, how to apply for it, what’s the course duration and what would be the career perspective… take a breath! This blog has all the answers to your questions Read more

Are you Creative? Then Fine Arts is Calling You!

The Fine Art will control you making progress toward turn into an expert visual craftsman. A craftsman is driven by interest and the craving to make things that have not been seen previously. A craftsman is curious, enthusiastic and inquisitive and has the aspiration to take a self-ruling position on the planet. Picking your future Do you perceive that desire and would you say you are energetic about workmanship? Would you like to work in different orders, with an extensive variety of craftsman Read more

Famous Portrait Paintings of All Times

Among the thousands of paintings across the globe, there are very few of them have created history and impressions that never fade away. The painters involved in such artworks are not just genius to create an epic but also bold enough to replicate their contemporary society. This post contains five infamous paintings painted in portrait that not just have created a distinct impression but also influenced the later artworks. Scroll down and have a look on these aesthetic works. Mona Lisa Mona Read more

Finding top Fine Arts College in Delhi

On finding the top fine arts college in Delhi, students usually come up with the expectation that the teacher must teach them a trick so that they can draw anything effortlessly. However, this is not only the reason why one should join an art college. Drawing and painting need talents and skills, period. But, this does not mean that fine arts is all about having a good drawing and painting skills. An art of any form should have innovations. That’s why we usually address an artist as Read more

Diploma in Art and Craft in Chandigarh

With such advanced technology, our artworks have been remarkably transformed. The technology allows the artist to add more reality in their artworks, but art is all about mind and innovation. That’s why Leonardo Da Vinci and Van Gogh are still alive in the heart of art-lovers. If you have already decided to make your career as an artist and you are seeking for an authorized qualification for such purpose then you need to consider a diploma in art and craft. Usually, an artist mind does Read more

Indian Arts and the society it replicates

Being a Fine art student in India, you may have come up with the notion that if Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo has replicated their contemporary society then what about ours. Are there any masterpieces like the David, in India? Do the society of our civilization has ever had account of crafting Indian Mona Lisa? In fact, Indian art is much bigger and older than these western arts, and positively we have even more aesthetic masterpieces than the David and Mona Lisa. Historically, Indian artworks Read more