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7 Interview Tips for Fashion Design Jobs That Will Help You Get Hired 

Introduction Starting your first or a new job is a wonderful experience. The true essence of growing up is being independent and working is a big contributor to that. However, the whole process of getting your first job or changing jobs can be a tiresome process. A lot of planning and thinking goes into it. You need to make a resume, a portfolio, go through a couple of qualification steps such as assignments and interviews. It can be a little confusing especially if you are applying for Read more

Creativity is the Essence of Fashion Design as a Career

Creativity and Individualism are the major components of Fashion Design as a career. If you fashion an object or a work of art, you create it. Fashion is a huge industry that thrives in a competitive global environment despite minimal legal protections for its creative design. While many people dismiss fashion as trivial and ephemeral, its economic importance and cultural influence are enormous. Fashion is arguably the most influential medium in the world as it changes the way people perceive Read more

How to Become a Stalwart Fashion Designer amidst Cut Throat Competition

There is a big conundrum in the mind of students who wish for a rewarding career in fashion designing – To be or not to be! Well interestingly this thought may appear legitimate on the first sighting, especially since the industry is flooded with experienced designers from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) and National Institute of Design (NID). Making a niche place for yourself in a burgeoning and competitive fashion market after completing your course, becomes somewhat dicey. Read more

Fashion Designing: What It Takes and Gives?

A fashioner, or configuration group, will initially deliver representations of pieces of clothing or wrap texture on a dress form to acquire distinctive styles. The imaginative rendering of a piece of clothing is there to make a disposition and is commonly enhanced with exact line illustrations that are known as pads. In the prominent universe of mold structure, the accentuation is progressively put on moving a fantasy as opposed to on portraying the cut and development of articles of clothing. Read more

How to be an Expert Fashion Designer?

If you have ever known for your artistry or dream of becoming a fashion enthusiast, then choosing the fashion designing is just going in your favour. But before you go deeper into this profession, you need to know that it needs your blood and sweat mean you have to be very dedicated according to the time boundaries. Your fashion-oriented career is helpful in every aspect including writing, modelling, clothing or your own business. A sense of creativity is all you require before entering into the Read more

How To Become A Professional Hairstylist?

Numerous ladies put more trust in their hairdressers than they do in any other person. For a few, going out in broad daylight with an unbecoming do is likened to appearing without jeans on. In addition to the fact that women rely on beauticians to keep their tresses looking extraordinary, however, they additionally trust the closest points of interest of their lives to these shear-employing experts. The steps involved in becoming a professional Hairstylist are as follows: Complete an Approved Read more

What Kind of Education do You Need to Become a Fashion Designer?

Fashion designing is a great career choice for anyone who has a creative bent of mind. However, creativity is not the only thing that is going to help you become a famous and successful fashion designer. There are tons of factors involved in the process. The first is getting a good education and that lays the foundation for making a successful fashion designing career. If you do not know what kind of education will be good for you, here is a basic overview of what you should be learning. The Read more

How do you Become a Fashion Designer?

Fashion designing is one of the most attractive careers in the world for women today. Thousands of aspiring girls try to turn pro in this field each year. They are driven by starry-eyed dreams of glitz and glamor. However, few realize that it takes a tremendous amount of effort to ‘make it happen’ for themselves in the world of fashion. The first rule for success as a fashion designer is consistent creativity. This means that you need to churn out stunning designs year after year to really Read more

Top Female Fashion Designers in India

We are talking about those women who have proven: the story of success never belongs to the patriarchal form of society. Leaving all the criticism behind, the women with fresh and innovative visions conquered the conventional society and established themselves as a most influential figure in the fashion world. Here goes the list of top five female fashion designers in India: Ritu Kumar: The pioneer of Indian Fashion art precisely traditional textiles, she started her career with Read more

Fashion Designing Course after 10+2

A fashion designer designs clothes and accessories. fashion designing is a field of creativity and innovation. You may have heard the story of a designer telling how he/she was fascinated for clothing from childhood. Passion and creativity are the secret to survive in the industry; if you have both then you can be a prominent fashion designer. For those who have completed their senior secondary school and looking for a career in fashion designing, they need to figure out everything about this Read more