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6 Professional Courses for Women after 12th

Education is an effective way to empower women and precisely for countries like India, where women have always been underestimated by the society in term of education and profession. The conventional notion of patriarchy binds women in household chores. Whether it is girl baby’s feticide or exploitation of married women over dowry, Indian society has never given the respect and rights that women deserved. However, these concerns are the vast topic of discussion; this article is for those brave Read more

13 Success Tips for the Students

Every student is an individual with unique strengths and weaknesses. One needs to keep implementing the good things and work hard for the success.   It is seen that the top students exhibit successful attitudes and behaviours along with intellectual capacity to perform better. Here is a list of some expert tips which will help you to become a good student in your class. Tips for Student Success Maintain good attendance in the Class – This is important for you to be regular in your class Read more

What to Study after 12th – Career Guidance by IWP

12th standard is the last stage of School life for every student. After completion of 12th, one needs to decide his/her career goals and go ahead with it after making a good decision on choosing a career. There are various career options when you are looking forward to a college life after completion of your school days. This article will help you understand various career opportunities after completion of school life. Some of the students have knowledge about top-notch courses and institutes Read more