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What it really Take to Be a Successful Career in Interior Designing?

Before planning or coming to any specialized designing field, an aspirant has to understand the concept that why people hire designers? Despite being costly services, people hire specialized designers of the concerned field just to have something exclusive and extraordinary. So if you are planning your career as an interior decorator then you have to be creative enough to meet the demand of the clients. There is a specific core of strengths that allow you to make a successful career in interior Read more

Is Fashion Designing Course Important To Secure Your Career In Fashion World?

Imagine the scene of the fashion show, a glammed up ramp where models are all set to showcase the new collection of the designer, audience excitedly watching each dress design and detail closely and all of ending with the roaring applause with a bow of designing, accompanied by the show stopper. Does this image inspire you? Makes you feel excited? Encourage you to get enter into this glamorous field? Choose the appropriate fashion designing course and institution to begin your career in this highly Read more

5 in 19; Hima Das

Running a treadmill for 2 minutes is a task to you? Tell this to 19 year old Hima Das and she would probably laugh on your face. Nicknamed the Dhing Express, Hima is an ace Indian sprinter from the state of Assam. Born near the town of Dhing to Ronjit and Jonali Das who are both farmers by profession, Hima Das was much into sports, especially football. However, she later shifted to sprint running and now holds the record of being the first Indian female athlete to win a gold medal in a track event Read more

Why Do Advertising and Marketing Course be a Best Career Choice after Class 12th?

In today's time, where the latest advertising and marketing trends have revolutionized the way people promote their business and brand, the advertising and marketing course have gained immense popularity in the industry. If you want to enter the dynamic world of advertising with the comprehensive skills and knowledge of marketing, then it is important to get in the advertising and marketing course immediately after class 12th. With the extensive Indian education systems, anyone can have a choice Read more

The Essential Guide For Class 12th Students to Choose Hospitality Management Course

Undoubtedly, hospitality management is one of the fastly growing industries in India, creating lucrative career opportunities for budding professionals. If you have impressive communication skills and personality then seek out the admission in the hotel/hospitality management course to enter into the rapidly growing industry. In order to build a successful career in this industry, you need to start with formal education. In today's time, hospitality is considered as one of the world's largest Read more

How To Design and Decorate Your Home According To Vaastu Shastra?

Did you know Vaastu is changing the lives of millions these days? Now you can plan and implement your home interior decorations according to Vaastu Shastra to boost peace and positive energy in your home. Vaastu Shastra is an ancient system that provides all the tools and guidelines for building and constructing architectural structurals to correct the flow of energy into and through your space. With a good understanding of Vaastu, you can make necessary arrangements of rooms and place the Read more

Best Career Opportunities in India after Interior Designing Course

With each passion year, spaces for residential and commercial places are shrinking due to massive urbanization. The best challenge is when you need to make your places appealing and beautiful without compromising with the cleverness of the space. That's where professional interior designers come up to make your living and working space more comfortable, beautiful and practical. Earlier, this was the task of architecture to assist you in entire exteriors along with with the interior of a house, Read more

Why Does Digital Marketing Has Become a Top Career Choice in 2019?

With the increasing advancement in digitalization, technology is quickly revolving the living trends of the people. With smartphones, everything is available at your fingertips and enables you to remain connected with the world. As electronic devices and the internet has quickly become an important part of our lives, the need for digital marketing is also being increased. And businesses are using the internet and digital marketing platforms than ever and creating an abundance of career opportunities Read more

5 Pro Makeup Hacks That Can Add an Edge To Your Career

Makeup is an art that requires special skills, passion and the right products to create a perfect magical look. Now with the increasing number of beauty product brands, several artists have been getting confused about which product they should use and how. To add an extra edge to your career, many people follow fashion bloggers and vloggers to quickly grab the latest fashion trends. However, there is nothing that can beat the fun of learning pro makeup tricks suggested by Makeup Course experts. Are Read more

5 Steps to Become a Successful Celebrity Makeup Artist in India

Undoubtedly, for some, working in high fashion and glam, and doing makeup for celebrities is one of the most satisfying jobs. It is surely a fun, flashy and an opportunity to get to meet lots of other celebrities. But at the same time, being a celebrity makeup artist is a big responsibility that requires a high level of skills to play with right brushes and colors to create the perfect magic on the skin of your star. If you have all that passion and goal in mind to make your celebrity look super Read more