Top 7 forms of visual art

The 7 Forms of Visual Art

The 7 Forms of Visual Art Creative and artistic people, when asked, will tell you that they started writing, reading, drawing or painting at a very young age. A professional course in Fine Arts will only help you hone your skills and come closer to perfection. A creative flow is triggered when you are urged to analyse rather than think, learn rather than watch and communicate rather than simply talk. An artistic mind requires a creative outlet using priceless and refined practical techniques Read more
Cosmetology Interview Tips to Follow to Get Hired-01

6 Important Cosmetology Interview Tips to Keep in Mind

Cosmetology Interview Tips to Keep in Mind Giving interviews is also a skill that only a few possess. It is one of the major steps towards your career. How an interview goes, can make or break your professional life. Sometimes the process of applying for a job can be hectic. There are many things to do. Many forms to fill. The interview part should never be overlooked. It is when you meet someone from the company and have direct contact with them. The way you present yourself /and your work is Read more

How To Prepare For An Interview For Freshers

Top Interview Tips for Freshers and Common Interview Questions & Answers for Freshers Interviews play a crucial role in the process of recruitment of an employee by the organization that is hiring. In most companies, the Recruitment process is initially handled by the Human Resources Department in its initial stage. It fast tracks the process of familiarisation of the employee and the employers by bringing the employers and the employees together under the same roof. Interview Questions Read more

7 Interview Tips for Fashion Design Jobs That Will Help You Get Hired 

Introduction Starting your first or a new job is a wonderful experience. The true essence of growing up is being independent and working is a big contributor to that. However, the whole process of getting your first job or changing jobs can be a tiresome process. A lot of planning and thinking goes into it. You need to make a resume, a portfolio, go through a couple of qualification steps such as assignments and interviews. It can be a little confusing especially if you are applying for Read more


WHO IS A MULTIMEDIA SPECIALIST? A multimedia specialist is a person who takes charge of Multimedia and Visuals as per the requirements of the project or program. They have to typically work together with the creative team unit of the company. They are responsible for performing research, analysis, understanding the main purpose of the project, conceptualizing the project plans while identifying market trends and preparing samples for client approval, and developing strategies to optimize Read more

Role of Multimedia Course in Various Industry

What is Multimedia? In simple words, multimedia is multi (many) media (plural of medium) such as audio, visual, text, photograph, charts, graphs and/or animation. Amalgam of different media, multimedia is used for various things and is growing popular amongst students as a course. When we think of multimedia, we think of presentations we make on the computer. However, that is just one example of it. Podcasts, slideshows, audio slideshows, animated shows and movies are also a part of multimedia. As Read more

Multimedia Course After 12th- Skills & Qualities Required For Multimedia Courses

 INTRODUCTION: Multimedia as the name implies is an integrated form of different forms of media- texts, images, videos, graphics, and animations that makes communication of the message convenient and subtle. Multimedia is prominently used in Media, Film industry, Marketing, Photography & Videography. The integration of different forms of media has facilitated learning by making it easy and fun. Using multiple forms of media on a website blog makes it more informative, intriguing, and Read more

14 Tools for Pattern Making and Their Uses

Pattern Making is more than just a hobby. It is serious business which requires technical skills and tools. In order to work more efficiently, you would definitely need a few tools and supplies for pattern making. Without them you cannot work. It is also important to know what these tools and their uses are before you start to work. It will show that you are serious about learning the craft and make you look more professional. Here is a list of fourteen such tools that are used for pattern Read more

Importance of Pattern Making in Dress Designing

The procedure involved while making a garment is a long and tedious one. Choosing the right fabric, sketching and pattern making are all important steps. One of the most important steps is to have the right fit. If it is too loose then the piece of clothing will look shabby and if it is too tight then it will look too tight and suffocating. The process of making the right fabric into a garment with the right fit is called pattern making and it helps hugely in dress designing. Before understanding Read more

Interior Design 2021 Color Trends

INTRODUCTION: Relationship between Interior Designing & Colors Colors have an energy of their own. Since our visual apparatus is intricately linked to our mind, we often perceive different colors with different traits. For example, warm colors are often perceived as more welcoming so they have a higher tendency of grabbing attention. While cooler colors are often perceived as serene and they tend to be offering a highly soothing and calm vibe. Color Psychology is a discipline that is Read more