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How to Write Shorthand Faster

What is shorthand

Time is of essence. This phase is best described by shorthand writing. It is an abbreviated form of writing method which saves time as compared to common method of writing a language. It is considered as an essential part of secretarial training, police work or journalism.  So if you are interested in any of the careers mentioned above shorthand course would be essential for you.

Tips to Write Shorthand Faster

 In this age of corporate world we need the right edge to thrive and grow within the competition. If you are a part of corporate secretarial pool then increasing your shorthand speed will provide you that edge and will give recognition and growth to your career.  Here are some of the tips to increase your shorthand speed and efficiency.

Tips to increase Shorthand Speed

  1. Knowledge: You should have full and thorough knowledge of the shorthand method you are using (Pittman or Gregg) because hesitating or taking time to think about it would be bad for your flow. So the rules should be on tip.
  2. Practice: Read, write and remember is the best motto for you. Take time to practice daily and the more you practice, the better the speed would be.
  3. Material: Whatever material you are using for your practice is also very important. Choose from wide range of topics as they vary from too technical to legal or too fast, so you can get maximum practice results. Use pen, don’t use pencils. Pens are light and easy to write with.
  4. Vocabulary: Unfamiliar words decrease shorthand speed so take time to make your vocabulary better. Make a list of words you usually get stuck and practice them more on daily basis.
  5. Special phrases: We usually come across many phrases repeatedly so use special outlines for these phrases. This will increase you speed and accuracy a lot.

Last of all the most important tip is “Don’t Panic”. If you get stuck on a word move on, don’t waste time on it and if possible put a technically incorrect outline to check on it later will help you a lot.

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