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Women Polytechnic Institute in India

The motive is to bring women out of the conventional prison of the society. International Women Polytechnic was established in 1998, and since then the institute has crossed numerous milestones in educating and empowering women.


At IWP, we believe in two most important conceptions: the first one is women equality and the second one is empowering women in the society. With such belief, we establish an education platform for women and offering them professional courses. The motive is to bring women out of the conventional prison of society and make them independent.

Being a leading Women Polytechnic Institute in India, IWP offers many professional courses. You can enroll in followings:

Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing is the field that gives women both passion and profession. The industry is growing significantly and providing a plethora of employment opportunities to its students. At IWP, you will get finest education and amenities to establish yourself as a fashion designer. Moreover, the university welcomes prominent fashion brands every year, so that the students get employment right from their college’s door.

Interior Designing

Likewise, the interior designing is also a fresh and highly fruitful field precisely for those women who love decorating the house. An interior designer has responsibility to decorate interior of a house, in most aesthetic way and to demonstrate the better understanding


IWP is recognized and certified institution for Nursery Primary Teacher Training (NPTT). Being a reliable and financially strong career, this certificate course opens, where students will get secure employment. After completing NPTT from IWP, you provide better opportunities for students to join government employment.


There is a huge demand of stenographers. From public to private sectors employ stenographers for many purposes. But the best part of being stenographers is that you can never short of job opportunities. Join IWP Stenography Course for best education and future.


Cosmetology makes you professional in caring body, hair, face, skin, and nails. This is the science of enhancing the charm of a human; a cosmetologist can be further differentiated into hair stylist, makeup artist, and others.

This is not the end; IWP offers many other courses for the women of our society. Having a nationwide presence, the Institute is educating thousands of students across the nation. Moreover, the Institute has been awarded for best Women Polytechnic Institute in India.

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