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What does Fashion Mean to You?

Clothes in a good taste, maybe this would be a concise depiction of fashion. Technically, fashion is a lot more than wearing appealing and striking clothes, and then technically, fashion is not only limited to just clothing. Whether you are a girl with a good sense of dressing or you are a fashion designer, you need to comprehend what fashion stands for.


What does fashion mean to you? Being gorgeous in a dress that suits your body and the place where you are standing. Is that all you mean by fashion? Rather, the contemporary notion of fashion is more philosophical than describing materialistically. Thus, fashion is an art and fashion designer is an artist.

When it comes to demonstrating your perception through clothing and accessories, you need to be innovative and implies your fresh vision that has never been represented before, in another way it’s a kind of inventing a new concept of clothing.

If you really want to comprehend fashion then first try to interpret art. An art represents a story or rather truth carrying an age on its shoulder and artist’s vision in its eyes. Likewise, fashion designing is a representation of tradition along with a light of hope for improvements and modifications.

On finding the answer, ‘what does fashion mean to you’ should not be confused with ‘what does fashion mean to anyone’, as far as fashion is a concern, there is only you and yourself. Everyone is unique like everyone else; consequently, everyone has different taste, so the good taste varies with minds and thinking. Your clothes and styles demonstrate your mind, so don’t blindly follow the tag mark of your clothes. You should be little choosy about your fashion.

A new trend

Yes! In many ways, fashion represents a new trend and fashion designers suggest us to choose best one for us. For instance, many girls like to wear leggings instead of pants, then what about legging pants. Trends are always changing, while fashion of an age remains forever. When defining fashion you may come up the trend of different age, but on defining a trend, you should talk about the contemporary time. Apparently, the trend comes under the fashion but you cannot bind fashion under any trend.

In the bottom line

Well, you need to be eccentric about your fashion choices. Don’t conclude on something unless you feel strong wow on that. The fashion mean to you is only those styles who appeal to you, not others. Visit IWP for professional fashion designing courses.

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