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Top Five Interior Designers of All Time

It is widely agreed that interior designing is not just an art of creating aesthetic and beautiful surroundings, but it is also a science of making our daily life comfortable and luxurious. The objective is always to convert the dream into reality. The designer has to be creative and conservative at the same time. They have to design a house in a good taste, though the taste itself varies with the people: which rather drop another responsibility on the designers’ shoulder – to come with a design that should be admirable at mass.

To bring the finest interior designer of all time is the hardest fact, for that one has to enlist his deep research, but still, there will be great probability too many designers that will remain unmentioned. However, when the list contains these below-mentioned interior designers then the daring to come with such list can be justified:

  • Elsie de Wolfe:


Elsie had started first. She is the pioneer of interior designing and she has the credit of creating a distinct profession of interior designer. She authored ‘the house in good taste’ influenced and opened vistas of interior designing in the beginning of the twentieth century.

  • Jean-Michel Frank:


Being a minimalistic, Jean-Michel Frank is an influential French interior designer who famous for decorating the home of the elite. Jean-Michel Frank is the leading interior designer of his and a great source of inspiration for the designers after him.

  • Sister Parish:


The designs created by Sister Parish are timeless. She is the designer that has the prestige to decorate Kennedy White House. Her American flavor and fashion that never get old and still can be seen in the White House, especially in the Yellow Oval Room.

  • David Nightingale Hicks:


The British interior designer David is not limited to design hotels, restaurants, and houses but also famous for designing carpets, gardens, and furniture. From his childhood, David was an art aspirant: his curiosity in art led him to decorate many prominent restaurants, hotels, and villas across the world.

  • Billy Baldwin:


The original designer of slipper chair, Billy was an internationally acclaimed decorator. He was influenced by Jean-Michel Frank whom he illustrates unambiguously ‘the last genius of French genius’. Billy has a remarkable contribution in interior designing precisely designing furniture.

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