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Top Five Fashion Inventions that changed the fashion world

In many ways, the inventions have shaped the world and fashion is not an exception. When fashion world is the rapidly changing industry and many agreed with the notion that nothing lasts forever in the fashion world; there are some inventions that not just last for an unaccountable period of time but also transformed our lives.


Here are the stories of most influential inventions in the fashion world:

  • Denim

The term denim comes from French phrase ‘Serge de Nimes’, means Serge. A tailor from Nevada, Jacob W. Davis have a patent for Elastic stitched gathered denim fabric jeans or US20130174324 A1. He manufactured first denim clothes in 1873 with the collaboration of Levis Strauss and Company. The company is still in business and renowned for finest denim clothes in India.

  • Zipper

The zipper that we use today is the consequences of continuous evolutions. First attempt to introduce fastening for the garment is dated back to 1893 by Whitcomb Judson. However, Gideon Sundback designed the modern zipper (US1219881 A) in 1913. The zipper has the crown for being the most influential invention of all time. When it was used for clothes, it has remarkably changed clothing styles and hence the fashion world.

  • The Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine is the most essential and revolutionary invention of mankind. Similar to the zipper, the modern sewing machine has gone through numerous improvements. The earliest account of Sewing Machine invention is under the name of a German-born Engineer Charles Fredrick Wiesenthal in 1755. However, Elias Howe is considered as the pioneer of a sewing machine for his revolutionary version of the sewing machine. Howe created his machine in 1845 and since then it has transformed the clothing industries.

  • Synthetic Dye

In 1856, 18 years old William Henry Perkin while unsuccessful synthesizing quinine came up analyzing the purple color during his attempt. This color was suitable to dye silk and other textile and Perkin earned the patent for this. Later, with numerous research and contributions in synthetic dye, the face of the textile industry has remarkably changed.

  • Bra

The official account this invention is November 3, 1914. However, the concept of the bra is as old as the ancient Greece. Around the 1920s the bandeau-style bra has become trend and women are widely using it to look charming and beautiful. In many accounts, the bra has come to numerous controversies, one of them is around the 1960s when people were protesting the bra and they even burnt them. Later on, Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield promoted the increased support in bra design, and it also became a notable trend in fashion world.

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