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What are the Top Career Opportunities After Getting an IWP Counselling Diploma?

Counselling is emerging as a major profession for women all around India. Since the development of the academic domain in the country and its Westernization, a lot of students have regularly been seeking out counselling for selecting the best academic courses and professional careers for themselves.


If you have ever dreamed of earning good money while helping students achieve their ambitions, then a counsellor job is just right for you. You will be helping students understand the ground realities of taking up any course and then explaining the job prospects that await them once they graduate.

Because counselling is such a vital profession, applicants require a lot of training and experience gathering before they are considered capable of handling live counselling cases. To that end, IWP provides the most effective counselling training courses in India. Our expert teachers and trainers not only make sure that you have a thorough understanding of how to counsel students but also know the domain so that you can help them make the best decisions.

So, if you are thinking of becoming a professional counsellor, then IWP should be one of the first places for you to try to get into.

Now, let us have a look at the many career opportunities that you will have the benefit of choosing from once you graduate from IWP as a counsellor.

Best Counsellor Opportunities in India

  1. Academic Counsellor

Academic counsellors are not only among the most highly-paid but also among the most well-respected people in the academic domain. The reason why they are so popular is that they literally help students maximize their college experience and enable them to get the most out of it.  Academic counselling is a full-time profession that involves developing a thorough understanding of the university you are employed with. At the same time, you must also be able to evaluate the ability of a student to engage in a particular course.

For example, if you find yourself holding the dossier of a commerce student who wants to branch out into science. They want to do electronic engineering although they have an exceptional acumen for accounts and business. Here, you must evaluate their ability to understand intermediate to advanced science topics. Since they do not have a science base, they will have to work extra hard to score well.

However, the student says that their objective is to start an industrial electronics business. Now, you must ask the student some very important questions that will help you understand whether they will be able to cope up with the academic pressure or not. So, your job will not only help a student develop his career academically and professionally but also impact the status of a batch’s results.

Naturally, you will also be under a lot of pressure and you must be able to gauge a student’s potential to be able to effectively place them in any course. This is the reason for academic counsellors not just being in high-demand but also being generously remunerated.

  1. Career Counsellor

Career counselling is one of the most well-known and highly revered professionals among all forms of counselling. This one is similar to academic counselling only much more pertinent to a person’s immediate living conditions. Lots of professionals regularly seek career counselling to help themselves expand their career prospect and gain insights into the way they should move forward with it.

So, it is necessary for any career counsellor to have extremely specialized knowledge of their respective domain. Not just that, they must also be able to quote examples and case studies which prove to the career aspirant that a certain move might be beneficial for them. As an example, you can consider the case of a department head from a corporate company planning to move to another corporate house but at a higher, executive position.

In order to understand what they need to be able to make the move, you will need to counsel them about the previous instances of such a career move in the recent past. Alternatively, you can even suggest a career change to them. For example, if they worked as head of the accounting department, then you can suggest them to open their own accounting firm and go into business.

Naturally, you are going to need a good purview of the market for such an enterprise along with the prospects of going into business profitably. It goes without saying that your quality of counselling will influence the decisions your clients make in the future. So, you want to be as accurate as possible both for your career and theirs.

  1. Admissions Counsellor

Admissions counsellors work very closely with academic counsellors and their jobs sometimes overlap. However, as far as seniority is concerned academic counsellors rank higher and are sometimes also called academic advisors. Nevertheless, this does not mean that admissions counsellors are any less important. In fact, students cannot get an admission counsellor without first having themselves helped by a very good admissions counsellor.

The reason for this is that unless they apply to the right courses at the right time, chances are that they will not get selected. Moreover, the admissions counsellors have deep knowledge of the admissions practices of the most important colleges and can be instrumental in having a student apply through the proper channels. This is especially true for those who want to be considered for a scholarship and wish to apply for it separately in different colleges.


The career choices we have spoken of above are only a few of the many you can avail. However, you need to get educated from the right institution. In that regard, IWP provides one of the best counsellor training courses in India. We have helped scores of enterprising young women become part of universities and educational institutions and start great careers. If you would like to join the ranks of our esteemed counsellors then you should definitely consider enrolling in our counselling course right away. Click here to know more.

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