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8 tips for becoming a successful Interior Designer

Interior Designing has become one of the most sought after careers of the twenty-first century in India. With increased modernization and global development, standard of living has improved and more and more Indians are investing in their living spaces. These generation people are knowledgeable and want their personality or attitude or money to reflect in the space they are living.

Become-succeessful interior designer

Major concentration of Interior Designing work is in big metropolitans of India namely Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Pune. But recently other cities have also shown a massive growth in Interior Designing jobs and design companies.

Many design schools have mushroomed throughout India to prepare young generation for the ever growing demand of design jobs throughout India.

Even after completion of course and a degree in your hand, you would need a lot of hard work, focus and good networking to be successful as Interior Designer.

Here are some of the tips to be a successful Interior Designer

  1. Internship – Try finding intern positions in some big design houses. The pay would be less but learning curve would be steep and you would gain insight knowledge as how the industry works, where to go for supplies and most importantly how to deal with customers.
  2. Business Cards – if you want to succeed as a designer working independently then be sure to print business cards and carry an updated portfolio. These business cards are very valuable as they help you gain entry to shows, good for networking and getting good deals.
  3. Networking – try meeting with suppliers, manufacturers and merchants in trade shows as well as outside as much as you can. This activity is good for getting referrals as well as knowledge of latest trends in the market.
  4. Learning – learning never stops even after you quit college. This is the golden rule to be a successful interior designer. Always keep up to date with the industry through books, magazines and internet. You would get a lot of inspiration from these sources. Also keeping in touch with other designers would give you a lot of insight.
  5. Budget – getting a good job done within the budget is very essential for you as a designer. If you want your clients to remember your work and refer you to their friends then try doing the job within budget. In a recent survey, most of people don’t want to spend too much and would not like your work if you exceed budget no matter how much creative and stylish you have been.
  6. Take Time – while doing a design job no matter the budget or space size you are working, take your time. Talk with the clients what they need in terms of space and focus on getting that done. Take time with colors and fabrics and discuss with them which would give them great satisfaction and you the feeling of a job well done.
  7. Style – remember it’s the clients’ space and they have to live there. So discuss their needs and get the job done without imposing your own style. Sometimes we think this would look better than that but ultimately customer is king and you have to work accordingly to succeed.
  8. Online Presence – with presence of online solutions for everything virtual designers is an emerging field and people are hiring designers from any place in the world. There is a whole new world of virtual design and try to capitalize that market by building up your online presence.

Interior Designing is competitive industry and not easy place to set your foot inside. The key to success is getting yourself noticed. Follow the above mentioned tips and work on your portfolio and these would help you gain upper hand in the design job market.

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