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Stenography as a career after 12TH

Results are out and everyone is moving towards higher education. There are a lot of options to choose career from and everyone is talking about this course and that. The main focus on choosing a vocation or training is to get job after its completion. So where to go and how to decide?


In India we choose a career path mainly because our parents want us to select some specific course or because of our friends. “My friends are doing Fashion Designing so I will also opt for that” can be commonly heard. But do you think that is right decision for you? Would it be helpful in the long run?

If you are not creative and don’t like working with colors, clothes, fabrics then career in any creative field is certainly wrong for you.

You know yourself best. So ask yourself questions such as are you introvert or extrovert, do you like taking initiative and lead people, are you a people person or do you like some quiet desk work with no interruption. The answers to these questions would help you in deciding the right course to follow.


If you are not a people’s person, like working behind the scenes and a hardworking person then a career in Stenography is right choice for you.

Stenographers are shorthand experts who take dictations or record spoken words in shorthand using shorthand machine or by writing it down. They are highly skilled professionals with great shorthand speed and a good grasp of language be it English, Hindi or any local language.

Career Options

Stenographers these days are high in demand because of their unique skills. If you have good speed and excellent English language command then there is no shortage of jobs in private sector for you.

  • Corporate hire stenographers for business meetings or as personal assistant to executives or as contract employees for important meetings. Printer manufacturing companies also hire stenographers.
  • Government jobs are also available after stenography course. With little focus on general awareness and reasoning, students can apply for SSC stenography which is very bright career option.
  • Stenographers are also hired by intelligence services for coding/decoding work
  • There are self employment opportunities also after successful completion of this course. You can work as independent freelance professional offering services or you can set up your own typing institute to impart knowledge to students.
  • One of the new and emerging fields where stenographers are in high demand is captioning services for deaf or hard hearing audience. Stenographers also provide services for TV programs, live events, speeches or religious events.


Stenography is all about speed and it can only be gained with practice and right guidance. Learning the theory and how to start practicing shorthand, where to gain material for practice, important tips and phrases are all taught by experts who have spend years in this field imparting education.

A dedicated approach, hard work and will to succeed with expert guidance can land you in the career of your choice.

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