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Stenographer as a Career in India

Living in an uncertain world, you need to develop your own career as a stenographer to control your overall income, work environment and working hours. If you are said to be in India, then working as a stenographer shall pay you well and provide the best work environment that can let you learn many new things in your daily life.

The training period that one needs to go through to become a stenographer can depend upon one’s learning capacity. The job of a stenographer is to transcribe the speech that is said as words into written format by making use of a stenography machine. Depending upon the environment you work with, the transcription method can interchange and you can be called as a Stenographer, Reporter, Transcriptionist or Court Reporter.


When you have decided to choose transcription as your career, then you must give away your ears to hear all the words that are said by others. You need to improve your listening skills so that you can transcribe them into the machine while hearing them virtually.

Being a stenographer in India, you can do court reports by joining as an employee of the district or high court. You can transcribe the legal proceedings that happen in the court rooms. You can also become a freelance court reporter by transcribing depositions or legal proceeding of various attorneys by visiting their office. The transcription pages can be sold to the attorney by quoting the pay, if you have chosen to become a freelance stenographer.

There are many certification courses and exams that one can take participate to prove they’re proficient in this field. These exams can be tough and normally it takes a year to clear them. Once you clear them out, you can easily get hired anywhere in India. Although you need to invest a little amount before taking stenographer as your career, every penny would be worth it as you are about to learn to become a professional and not an amateur. The start-up-money is affordable and you can start right away without thinking about getting a loan to join the key boarding classes. The following are the four steps that one needs to follow to become a stenographer in India.

  • You need to choose the training program with one of good institutes in India offering stenography courses.
  • Purchase equipments that can make you learn the ways to transcribe things into a machine
  • Lean and earn a certification that can make you turn into a pro
  • Grab your employment by joining with a company or become a successful freelancer

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