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Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

Pollution and dirt are the enemies of glowing skin. Unfortunately, being a working lady, you cannot hide into your house. To restore this glow you need not spend too much money in parlors or on cosmetic products. Moreover, most of the cosmetic products contain chemicals that later harm your skin. Thus, even a beauty expert recommends natural stuff for cosmetics.


Sometimes inadequate sleep, unhealthy diet, and smoking affect your skin tone; if you want to have perfect skin then make sure that you have healthy a schedule. However, there are some of the stuff that we use in our daily life can effectively help you to get glowing skin. Scroll down for the most effective one of them:

  • Turmeric


Being an optimal antiseptic and skin-glowing agent, the turmeric also removes facial marks. Moreover, it also helps to avoid allergies and other skin infection.

Mix a tablespoon of turmeric and gram flour with milk. Apply the mixture on your face in circular motion. Let it dry and wash it with lukewarm water.

  • Rosewater and Glycerin


The combination of rosewater and glycerin is the perfect toner for the skin. Glycerin is perfect remedy keep skin hydrated and moisturized. On the other side, rosewater is perfect natural material that not just maintains the pH balance of your skin but also helps skin to recover from sunburn and insect bite. Apply the mixture of rosewater and glycerin after washing your face.

  • Papaya and Honey

papaya and honey-min

Papaya contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Papain, Alpha Hydroxy acids, and potassium. Vitamin A heals dry skins, reduces acne and dark spot. Papain has anti-inflammatory property and also act as a skin softener.

Honey preserves moisture of the skin and acts as an anti-bacterial element. Apply mashed papaya mixed with honey as a facemask.

  • Gram Flour and Curd


The mixture of curd and gram flour acts as a tan remover. It restores the moisture of the skin and lightens the skin. Apply the thick mixture of gram flour and curd on your face and let it dry.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera-min

Besides its skin lightening properties, Aloe Vera also has antibacterial properties and it helps to heal the scars. Apply the Aloe Vera Gel on your face and leave it for half an hour, and remove with lukewarm water.

It is the dream for everyone to have radiant, glowing and charming skin. We, unfortunately, cannot stop ourselves from growing old; however, we can somehow slow the process with well-nutrients diets and proper care. Above-mentioned remedies some of that stuff that we can easily find in our kitchen, you can feel free to post your recommendations in the comment box.

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