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History of Clothing in India

History-OF-Clothing-IndiaMaking clothes through spinning cotton, weaving and dying is not a new art in India as it can be traced back as far as Indus Valley Civilization. India was the first place where people grew cotton.

Rock cut sculptures, cave paintings and human art forms found in temples at the sites of Indus Valley civilization clearly shows human figures wearing clothes wrapped or tied around various parts.  Recent studies show that Indus civilization also knows the process of silk production.

With different civilizations clothing also evolved in India. During Vedic Period, cotton clothes were wrapped and pinned much like skirts with a separate piece for shawl or veil.

By Guptan Period, Sari became the prominent clothing for women. Saris were draped in different ways as per the caste, money, geographical location and working status of the women. For example working women pulled their sari between their legs to work easily.

Various kinds of upper garments evolved in this period called cholis with strings attached to leave the back bare or midriff.

With Mughal Period, luxury clothes were mostly used such as silk, velvet, muslin & brocade. Frock coats and angoras were the dresses of men while women wore churidar, shalwar kameez with lots of jewelry. Though sari was still the preferred by majority of the Indians.

Different states of India have also different clothing and styles. Some women wore sari draped through left some draped it through their right side. Sometimes the midriff is bare and other times it is covered by sari. Different styles of blouses with sleeve and neck style variations also came into trend. In Victorian Era, blouses with long sleeves and covered midriff were mostly seen because of the English influence.

We can effectively conclude that India is not new to fashion trends and styles. It can be seen from above that Indian people especially women have taken inspiration from other cultures and invented their own unique way of clothing throughout history.

Textile industry is very old in India but fashion is also not new to India. With globalization and development of Internet, Fashion Industry has developed more and growing at a very fast pace. Traditional dresses with western influence are loved by Indians as well as foreigners.

Steps are being taken to give Indian designers more exposure globally through platforms such as Fashion Week and Fashion Fairs. Indian designers are recognized globally now days and many big fashion houses are trying to set up branches in India to utilize this high percentage of fashion conscious people.

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