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Fashion Designing Course after 10+2

A fashion designer designs clothes and accessories. fashion designing is a field of creativity and innovation. You may have heard the story of a designer telling how he/she was fascinated for clothing from childhood. Passion and creativity are the secret to survive in the industry; if you have both then you can be a prominent fashion designer.

For those who have completed their senior secondary school and looking for a career in fashion designing, they need to figure out everything about this field. In India, the fashion industry is flourishing with time and opens a plethora of career vistas to the students. No matter what stream you had in your senior secondary school, fashion designing institutes welcome all the student from any stream.

As a fashion designer, you can join even different sub-industries. You can usually find following type of fashion designer:


Apparel Fashion designers:

The designers deal with fabrics and clothes. They use their aesthetic vision to design clothes style, fabrics, and colors. Whether it is a celebrity or a man walking on the street, the apparel fashion designer designs clothes for everyone. Thus, it can be further classified into three broad categories:

  • Haute couture

Haute Couture is a French word for high sewing; the design and cloth are tailored for a specific model. This high-end fashion deliberately designed by hand using expensive materials. The haute couture designer focuses on one person at a time.

  • Ready-to-wear

The designers focus on the common people and design the clothes in standard sizes. Unlike the Haute Couture, the designer focuses on the mass and design clothes that fit most of the people. Ready-to-wear as the name suggests is design in standard size and more market-centric than the haute couture.

  • Mass Market

The designers produce styles that fit for large production. Keeping the general population in mind the designer comes up with styles that people more likely to buy. Usually, designers work for industry and more dedicated to marketing strategies.

Shoe designers:

The shoe designers are responsible for designing footwear. The shoe designer has comprehensive knowledge of different synthetic shoe materials. Moreover, the shoe designers also deal with different leathers.

Accessory Designer:

The accessory designers design jewelry, watches, bags, belts, hats and others. The accessory designers have to care for both beauty and functionality of the products. The increasing demand of accessory designer opens the better option for the students.

Final Words:

When it comes to financial security, the career opens many channels for students to acquire financial security. As a fashion designer you can join an industry or work as freelancer, both have better scope. Moreover, if you get fame then sky is the limit.

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