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Diploma in Art and Craft in Chandigarh

With such advanced technology, our artworks have been remarkably transformed. The technology allows the artist to add more reality in their artworks, but art is all about mind and innovation. That’s why Leonardo Da Vinci and Van Gogh are still alive in the heart of art-lovers.


If you have already decided to make your career as an artist and you are seeking for an authorized qualification for such purpose then you need to consider a diploma in art and craft. Usually, an artist mind does not need any certifications but technically, an artist can get much more when it certified by authentic authority.

Getting an art degree has a good perspective. People appreciate artwork but some of you will not agree with this statement, as the world is moving more towards the technological age. Since our artworks are evolving with the technology, we need to identify how our artists are shaping their artworks in this century. Take look at the modern art and comprehend the importance of technologies and science.

International Women Polytechnic’s Diploma in art and craft in Chandigarh is differentiated into three years program to develop talent and creativity among the students. The program is designed to develop skills for sustainable studio practice for contextual and practical.

The students have to work on different disciplines and they have freedom to choose their specialized areas such as Sculpturing, painting, sketching, metal works and jewelry. The course further leads the student from the foundation phase to the graduate diploma.

Teachers at IWP are renowned artists whom artworks have been appreciated nationally; they guide students under the effective curriculum and make them eligible to produce innovative ideas in their artworks.

The minimum eligibility to enroll in the course is a senior secondary certificate or 12th standard.

IWP’s students are not just smart to develop impressive art design, but they also tutored to develop social awareness, which they express through their works. The institute itself stands for the women empowerment, IWP advocates women freedom and feminist spirit.

Diploma in art and craft in Chandigarh opens beneficial panorama for the students, as they can get a better job in Museums, universities and other organizations, they also can do freelancing and put their works on exhibitions.

If you are interested in pursuing diploma in art and craft in Chandigarh, then connect with International Women Polytechnic. The institute is well known for the fine arts and craft courses and provides better future to their students.

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