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CAD for Fashion Design

Technology is itself a trend; it changes over a night and keeps changing the world. On collaboration two unrest things: technology and fashion, the results end with amazing and astonishing products that people have never witnessed before. This article guides to the technology like CAD and CAM, which significantly changed the fashion designers’ way of working. There is separate tuition for ‘how to use CAD and CAM’ in all the leading Fashion Designing Institute in Delhi or anywhere.


Computer Aided Design is the most helpful tool for the fashion designers and it has remarkably changed the process of designing. The CAD is the best way to execute the idea of designers into a design; however, there are many designers still prefer hand-sketching, but the most of the designers use both conventional and modern techniques.

Advantages of CAD software:

By using this technology, a designer can save a significant amount of time. The CAD offers features that are not just let the designers to design the clothes in a different dimension but also provides multiple colors to use. However, the main advantage of the CADs tools is the designers can comprehend the end result of design without even manufacturing it. The design that designers make through CADs are much elaborated and detailed than the conventional method. CAD is the most used tools for the woven fabrics and textiles. Moreover, the CAD software makes the whole course of designing cost-effective and less-time consuming. The CAD software also makes the sharing of design pretty easy; therefore, the industry can use the design of designers from another part of the world and manufacture it from a different place.

The tool has transformed the process of designing and the design produce by CAD has fewer chances of errors than the conventional method. Additionally, it provides numerous features that facilitate designers to better color mixing and creating prototypes.

The Final Word:

In few years, the technology has become more advanced, so that the CAD has turned into robust and effective tools. Now, the designers can design their clothes on the go using Tablets and Smartphones. It is essential for all fashion students to have better knowledge of CAD software.

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