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5 Effective Classroom Management Tips for Teachers

A teacher is not a butcher; neither a military general; instead a teacher should be resembles saint or monk. They have to capable enough to inspire students for ethical mind set. But teaching is not an easy job precisely when you are dealing with little ones. Therefore, considering all the difficulties and issues, we bring together five effective techniques to maintain healthy environment in your classroom.

  1. Communicate: Call and response is most effective technique to engage students in your teaching. Try to make catchy saying like when you say- oh! Mickey you are so fine… then your students response- … you’re so fine, you blow my mind – hey Mickey. Such stuffs not only make you control the class but also students will develop a bond with you, which is pretty vital for a teacher.
  2. Plan for your lesson: Always over plan your teaching, since it would be better to run out of the time than to short on lesson. At this point you need to be strategic, since you cannot spend all the time in fun and playing, you should be planned when to and how to teach them.
  3. Keep your voice normal: shouting is not effective to get attentions of students and precisely the stress and vibe it causes in the environment is worthless. If we want children to talk normal and at pleasant volume, you should do the same. Sometimes children reflect your emotions specifically when you shout, and to avoid such situation you should act in normal and calm way.
  4. Patience: Sometime when you simply stand and stare at your children, it can effectively bring their attention to you and they will automatically be quite. Rather to be panic and nervous you should keep patience and use normal voice to settle down the disturbing environment. Patience always paid off, keep calm and be professional.
  5. Connect with our students: Your job is not done when you leave your classroom, instead teachers- students relationship is lifetime connection. Try to connect with your students, have lunch with them or play with them. In many ways we can connect to our students, for instance we can give them incentives to motivate them or applaud them for their accomplishments.



If you are teaching for first time, then you should pay attention to those who already have walked and stumble before. But before all these you must enjoy teaching, it is vital and mandatory part of the concern. If a teacher does not enjoy teaching then all the strategies and measured steps would be futile. Thus, make your living in those things which you like to do. Besides your entire struggle you have to be happy and healthy, visit IWP tips for teacher to stay healthy for further details.

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